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One of the leading causes of deaths among women is Breast Cancer. Breast Cancer is a condition in which cells in the breast grow abnormally. Breast cancer is mostly caused by a complex interaction between your genetic makeup and the environment you live in. Breast cancer can be   due to hereditary in about 5% to 10% of cases, with faulty genes being passed down from parent to kid. Breast cancer can however be prevented by taking preventive actions such as making changes in lifestyle and diet.

Steps for Reducing Breast Cancer are as follows-

1: Keep Weight in Check-

Maintaining a healthy weight is very essential for everyone. Being overweight not only increases risk of having cancer, but also risk of getting many affected by many diseases. Obesity increases risk of having breast cancer.

2: Indulge into physical activities-

Physical activities have many great benefits. Physical activities reduce the risk of getting breast cancer. Regular exercise also helps to keep weight in check.

3: Limit Alcohol intake-

Alcohol intake is associated with increased risk of breast cancer. Women should limit to only zero to one glass of alcohol per day.

4: Don’t Smoke-

Smoking causes more than 15 types of breast cancer including breast cancer. Research suggests that long time smoking leads to increased risk of breast cancer.

5: Eat Healthy-

Eat a balanced and healthy diet. Avoid eating junk food. Try to eat fruits and vegetables.

Some Warning signs of breast cancer-

  • A lump in breast or underarm
  • Swelling in breast
  • Irritation in breast skin
  • Redness near nipple area of breast
  • Pain in nipple area
  • Nipple discharge except milk including blood
  • Pain in any area of breast
  • Any change in size or shape of breast

Consulting an Oncologist can prevent further risk of development of cancer.

Diagnosing of Breast Cancer-

There are various tests and procedures to detect breast cancer-

1: Breast Exam-

Doctor checks both breasts to feel any lump or swelling or abnormality.

2: Mammogram-

Mammogram is X-ray screening of breasts to detect lump in the breast. If any abnormality is detected then doctor may go ahead with further diagnostics.

3: Breast Ultrasound

Ultrasonic soundwaves are used to produce images of deep structures within the body.  It is used to determine if the new lump is solid mass or fluid-filled cyst.

 4: Removing sample breast cell for further testing(biopsy)-

A biopsy is the only that can provide 100% detection of breast cancer. Biopsy samples are further sent to lab for checking if they are cancerous.

5: Breast Magnetic Resonance Imaging-

MRI machine uses magnetic waves to produce images within the breasts. Images created in MRI are not done through radiation.

Breast cancer stages are from 0 to 4 in which 0 detects noninvasive cancer and 4 detects that cancer has spread in other parts of body. It is advisable to visit a cancer doctor on time so that cancer can be detected in early stage and can be cured. Being diagnosed with breast cancer is not the end of life, it is curable and medical science has made enough progress for treatment of breast cancer.