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In the field of oncology, Dr. Donald John Babu is a ray of hope and knowledge. With a deep commitment to cancer care and a track record of outstanding results, he has gained the trust of many patients looking for the finest treatment for their disease. Let’s look at the services provided by Dr. Donald.

Specialization / Services

Breast Cancer

Dr. Donald aims to remove cancerous tissue while preserving healthy breast tissue. This leads to quicker recovery and minimal scarring.

Robotic Surgery

Robotic surgery involves using a thin tool equipped with a camera to perform procedures through small incisions in the patient’s skin. The camera sends images to a monitor, giving the surgeon a clear view inside the body without needing to make large cuts.

Laser Surgery

For cancers in delicate areas such as the brain, neck, lungs etc, Dr. Donald employs laser surgery. Through focused light beams, he accurately targets and removes cancerous tissue.

Colon Cancer Surgery

Dr. Donald performs colon cancer surgeries using laparoscopic or robotic-assisted methods. This approach results in shorter recovery times and less post-operative pain for patients.

Head and Neck Cancer Surgery

Dr. Donald conducts complex surgeries to treat head and neck cancers while preserving crucial structures. The oncologist in Mumbai ensures optimal outcomes for patients.

Ovarian Cancer Surgery

Dr. Donald conducts ovarian cancer surgeries with a focus on preserving reproductive organs whenever possible. Patients appreciate his compassionate approach and commitment to maintaining their quality of life.

Lung Cancer Surgery

With precision and expertise, Dr. Donald performs advanced lung cancer surgeries using minimally invasive techniques. This approach minimizes trauma to surrounding structures and enhances recovery for patients.

Stomach Cancer Surgery

Specializing in surgical interventions for stomach cancer, Dr. Donald meticulously removes cancerous tissue while preserving healthy organs. Dr. Donald’s dedication and expertise have earned him the reputation as the leading medical oncologist in Mumbai, India.

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Jacob JamesJacob James
12:05 07 Sep 23
Is he really an Onco Surgeon/Oncologist? I doubt even he is a doctor but yes... he is a very good sales guy. Excellent sales person. He knows how to play with the emotions of the patient relatives. NOT AT ALL TRUSTABLE.
Abhijeet SahasrabuddheAbhijeet Sahasrabuddhe
13:32 10 Aug 23
He is number 1 doctor. Very positive and his support is excellent.
suraj suchdevsuraj suchdev
13:23 30 Jul 23
Transfers good knowledge about the surgery and is always quick with responses. Overall very good experience. Also the charges are very feasible.
Riya ParuiRiya Parui
04:22 20 Jun 23
We were referred to Dr. Donald by a family friend for my mother's treatment. Doctor first comforted us and made us calm. He explained us what state my mother is and what best we could do. Under his guidance her health has improved a lot. He has also helped us with other members of my family and friends. He has gained our complete trust. We are so glad to have a doctor like Dr Donald around us!Excellent doctor and very humble....Thankyou very much!!!
Imtiyaz AnsariImtiyaz Ansari
11:06 26 Dec 22
Very friendly doctor
raisa inamdarraisa inamdar
02:51 28 Jun 22
Excellent !...just one word..!!He made is extremely comfortable..and delivered his best... extremely grateful.. our family talks about him everyday...he has given us a new life... thank you so much Dr Donald.. God bless !!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is cancer Genetic?

Yes, cancer is genetic due to specific genes, but lifestyle and eating habits can have an impact on whether you develop cancer. 

How to avoid breast cancer?

Maintain a well-balanced diet, exercise, and be aware of your family history.

Is robotic surgery painful?

Robotic surgery is usually less painful and has a faster recovery time than traditional surgery.

Who needs an oncologist?

Anyone who has been diagnosed with cancer or individuals suspected of having cancer can contact an oncologist.