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Are you or a loved one facing the challenges of a cancer diagnosis? Are you seeking a trusted cancer doctor in Navi Mumbai? Look no further than Dr. Donald John Babu, a beacon of expertise and empathy. He understands the multitude of concerns that arise on this intricate journey. Dr. Donald is here to provide not just medical expertise but heartfelt support.

According to the National Cancer Institute (NCI), cancer incidence in India is on the rise. In 2020, India reported around 1.6 million new cancer cases, as per data from ICMR and NCDIR. This highlights the need for reliable and specialized care.

Dr. Donald John Babu, an esteemed oncologist in Navi Mumbai, offers customized solutions and advanced surgical interventions. He prioritizes personalized care, considering the patient’s needs. Throughout the cancer journey, he provides unwavering support at every step.

Explore a path to recovery with Dr. Donald John Babu. Here, compassionate care meets unwavering expertise.

Call us today to schedule your consultation. Embrace a personalized approach to conquering cancer. Your journey to overcoming cancer starts here.

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Treatments Offered By Dr Donald John Babu

Facing cancer is challenging. But with the right expertise, you’re not alone. Here’s what Dr. Donald John Babu, a competent cancer specialist in Navi Mumbai, offers:

Breast Cancer

For breast cancer concerns, Dr. Donald provides comprehensive evaluation and personalized breast cancer treatment plans. This ensures you receive the best care.

Robotic Surgery

Dr. Donald specializes in robotic cancer surgeries. Under his guidance, you can experience precision in surgical procedures with robotic techniques. These techniques enhance the effectiveness of treatment and minimize recovery time.

Laser Surgery

Dr. Donald employs advanced laser surgical methods. These procedures are less invasive. They ensure the effective removal or treatment of cancerous tissues.

Colon Cancer

Experience specialized comprehensive care for colon cancer. This includes accurate diagnosis, surgical interventions, and postoperative management tailored to individual needs

Ready to explore the right treatment path with Dr. Donald John Babu? Book your consultation for tailored and effective cancer care.

Best Specialist

More About Dr. Donald John Babu

Dr. Donald John Babu has an impressive medical career of over 15 years. Specializing for six years, he is a respected oncologist in Navi Mumbai. Dr. Donald has extensive expertise in surgical oncology. He offers personalized solutions tailored to individual needs. Now, let’s delve into Dr. Donald’s remarkable professional and educational journey.

Dr. Donald John Babu

MBBS, MS – General Surgery
FCPS – General Surgery
MCh – Surgical Oncology
MRCS (UK), FICS – General Surgery

Professional Background:

  • Robotic Surgery Program Director at MGM Hospital, Vashi, Navi Mumbai.
  • Consultant in the Department of Surgical Oncology at Fortis Hiranandani Hospital, Vashi, and Reliance Hospital, Koperkhairane.
  • Consultant in the Department of Surgical Oncology at SR L Raheja – Fortis in Mahim, Mumbai.
  • Areas of specialization include robotic, laparoscopic, and laser surgeries, focusing on Organ preservation and Oncoplastic surgeries.

When it comes to your health, clarity is crucial. Dr. Donald John Babu, one of the best oncologists in Navi Mumbai, believes in straightforward communication.

He addresses your concerns with precision and honesty. There is no jargon or unnecessary complexity. He provides transparent information about your condition. This helps you make informed decisions about your health.

Ready to take control of your cancer journey? Book an appointment with Dr. Donald John Babu. Get the expertise you deserve, delivered in a straightforward manner that puts your health first.

Ready to explore the right treatment path with Dr. Donald John Babu? Book your consultation for tailored and effective cancer care.

We Are Stronger Together

Currently, Dr. Donald John Babu is a Consultant in the Department of Surgical Oncology at Fortis Hiranandani Hospital, Vashi and Reliance Hospital, Koperkhairane. He specializes in Robotic, Laparoscopic and Laser surgeries. His areas of interest are organ preservation and oncoplastic surgery.

World Cancer Day Function At Lion’s Hospital

Coping With Life After Cancer Treatment

More and more people are surviving their cancer. There are more than 10 million cancer survivors nationwide. You can see a lot of people talking about how to prevent cancer or how to survive during cancer. But no one talks about how our life changes drastically after cancer has been removed from our body.

Patients who have survived cancer are clueless about whether they need extra special surveillance for cancer recurrence or for new cancers that might come up. They also need to know if there might be some late effects from the treatment. Many patients who have survived cancer have suggested that P53 Cancer Clinic is among the best cancer hospital in Mumbai.

Expert Insights

Watch Dr. Donald John Babu’s Video On Urological Tumour

Explore profound insights into cancer care and treatment through informative videos featuring expert oncologists.

Our Success Rates & Results

Choosing Dr. Donald as your cancer doctor in Navi Mumbai has several significant benefits:

  • Renowned Expertise: Dr. Donald is one of the reliable oncologist in the Navi Mumbai medical community. He is known for his unmatched success rates in surgical oncology.
  • Cutting-Edge Techniques: He also, achieves superior success rates in tough surgeries by using cutting-edge robotic techniques
  • Breast Cancer Specialization: His expertise in breast cancer surgery ensures the best possible results.
  • Wide range of expertise: He has a wide range of expertise including colon, stomach, ovarian, and lung cancers. He is dedicated to providing complete care to patients with diverse types of cancer.
  • Exceptional outcomes: Dr. Donald produces exceptional outcomes, returning health and dignity to his patients. He is a reliable choice for cancer treatment. Choosing Dr. Donald means selecting a reliable and skilled oncologist who works for the best possible results in all cases.

Ready to explore the right treatment path with Dr. Donald John Babu? Book your consultation for tailored and effective cancer care.

Why Choose Dr Donald John Babu?

Looking for a reliable oncologist in Navi Mumbai? Here’s why Dr. Donald John Babu should be your top choice:

  • Expertise Matters: Dr. Donald John brings extensive expertise in oncology, ensuring top-notch care for your specific needs.
  • Patient-Centric Approach: Expect a personalized approach that revolves around you. Dr. Donald values open communication addressing your concerns directly.
  • Cutting-Edge Knowledge: Stay at the forefront of cancer treatment with Dr. Donald. He stays updated on the latest advancements, offering the best possible options.
  • Results-Driven Care: Driven by a commitment to your well-being, Dr. Donald John focuses on tangible results. This ensures you receive effective and tailored solutions.
  • Personalized Cancer Care: Get treatment tailored to your unique needs. Dr. Donald John, an expert cancer doctor in Navi Mumbai, offers personalized care for each patient.

Choose Dr. Donald for a pragmatic, patient-centred approach to oncology care. Book your appointment today for expert guidance and comprehensive support.


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Madhu Kabra
Madhu Kabra
16 April 2024
Dr. Donald is an outstanding oncologist in Kharghar, offering exceptional cancer care through his expertise, compassion, and personalized approach, making him an excellent choice for anyone seeking treatment.
Binodh nair
Binodh nair
25 November 2023
Dr. Donald Babu brings in brightness to the life of patient and happiness to nears and dears My Mummy was diagnosed positve and she was miles apart. I contacted Dr. from reviews. From the first interaction with him and the confidence he showed to treat my Mummy, I didn't have any second opinion. This was one of best decision I had ever taken.I brought her to Navi Mumbai operation was successful and she is fine. He had guided me throughout even after being discharged from hospital. No words to express our gratitude and love to Dr. Donald John.He is committed to his professional services and best surgical oncologist. Thank you very much. God bless You and All.
Prabodhini Borhade
Prabodhini Borhade
23 October 2023
Dr. Donald Sir, First of all, thank you very much. You are as important in my life as my parents. I have seen many doctors, but I salute you. But before that you are very nice as a man. Thanks for everything.
Manoj Angre
Manoj Angre
10 September 2023
HE IS VERY PEACEFUL,UNDERSTOOD,HELPFUL,SUPPORTIVE,KIND,FRINDLY,HUMAN BEING. I know god is on earth, he is not visible to anyone, he keeps the same part in good person and doctor donald babu is part of him, he is god.
akshay mankame
akshay mankame
6 June 2023
Dr.Donald Babu operated my father for renal complications and helped him to overcome those with a speedy recovery. My family is very thankful to him. He has a very patient centric approach and is a terrific human being. Highly recommend for medical intervention. Thank you so much Doctor!
Kiran Telkunte
Kiran Telkunte
22 August 2022
Recently my mother was diagnosed with stage 1 breast cancer. Initially, my mother and I were scared with the thought of cancer as we didn't have any cancer case in our family or close. I got to know about Dr. Donald from my family and friend references. I took my mother for consultation with Dr. Donald. He is very kind, humble and such professional that he comforted my mother and ensure that he will do his best to cure her cancer.Now my mother is taking her cancer treatment under his supervision. Hoping for her super speedy recovery 🤞 Thank you Dr. Donald for all your help and guidance that we received so far in my mother's cancer journey 😊
Aslam Anshari
Aslam Anshari
1 July 2022
Good person and good doctor.. thank you
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Frequently Asked Questions

What can I expect during my first visit to an oncologist?

Your initial visit involves a detailed discussion of your medical history, a thorough examination, and an open conversation about your concerns. Dr. Donald John Babu ensures you feel heard and informed from day one.

How often should I see an oncologist during cancer treatment?

The frequency of visits varies. However, regular consultations with your oncologist are crucial. It helps them monitor progress, adjust treatment plans, and promptly address any concerns.

Is Dr. Donald accessible for regular consultations and follow-ups?

Absolutely! Dr. Donald John Babu is committed to regular consultations and follow-ups. He provides continuous support and adapts treatment plans to ensure the best possible outcomes for your health.

How can I schedule an appointment with Dr. Donald John Babu?

To book an appointment with Dr. Donald, call +91 84337 91521. Our staff will assist you in scheduling a convenient time for your consultation, putting you on the path to expert cancer care.

Are second opinions important in cancer diagnosis?

Yes, seeking a second opinion, especially from experienced oncologists like Dr. Donald John Babu, can provide valuable insights. It can help you make well-informed decisions about your treatment.

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