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Breast Cancer

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Breast Cancer

Radical Surgery is a thing of the past. Put away your breasts moulds, fears of losing your breast or being socially isolated. Breast reconstruction can be done at the time of cancer surgery or even years after your cancer has been treated.

So why wait..? You have them, you flaunt them…


  • Fibroadenoma Phyllodes
  • Carcinoma Sarcoma

Surgeries Offered:

  • Michrodochectomy
  • Breast Conservative Surgery
  • Modified Radical Mastectomy
  • Oncoplasty, Lattisimus Dorsi
  • Reconstruction (LD Recon)
  • Implants and Expanders [With Plastic Surgeons]
  • Whole Breast & Nipple Reconstruction [With Plastic Surgeons]

For more information, please contact our Information Co-ordinator, Call on +91 98336 85090 or Email on donald@p53cancerclinic.com